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Saturday / Sunday 10am & 2pm, October to April – Special tours by request

Book at i-site Whanganui 06 349 0508

Guided Tours by Local Volunteers

What could be more enjoyable than learning about Whanganui’s unique history from a friendly local?

Tour the historic CBD  and the notorious Queens Park, now a recreational centre but once the home of the Rutland Stockade – an early colonial military barracks.

Hear some hilarious local anecdotes and historic stories of intrigue all within the confines of Whanganui’s compact yet beautiful CBD.

If you’re visiting from overseas,
There are buildings and sights that will please,
There is so much to do,
You won’t have to queue,
And the walking is really a breeze.

If you’re a local, take the chance, do not pause,
To hear more of this city of yours,
Hear stories of old,
Let history unfold,
Be guided on one of our tours.

Surprises are more than a few,
Did you know that we once had a zoo?
The Red Lion burnt down,
Mark Twain was in town,
He would really have liked our tours too.